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Teach you how to buy socket patch panel

2017-12-28 14:46:39

Plugs Buy easily overlooked some of the details
1. See the plug power cord, plug and power cord plug should be integrated, rather than disassembly. Bolt plug plug plug stability and plug insulation than integrated plugs are low.
 2. Plug the cable plug and plug, look to find, there must be 3C logo. 3C --ChinaCompulsoryCertification, China Compulsory Certification, the state of electronic products mandatory safety certification. The cable instructions with this symbol are certified and reliable.
 3. The spacing between the jacks. Must be big! ! ! Must be big! ! ! Now the charger is bigger and bigger, the jack is not big enough tragedy. Of course, if you want to be particularly sensitive to this point, I'd consider a new rotatable socket.
 4. Sub-control is really useful. For example, your charger, table lamp, electric plywood are in a plug-in board, but you just want to turn on the lamp, with sub-control switch, as long as you turn off the charger and electric plywood their switch on it. In addition there are sub-control switch, you can also easily reduce the phenomenon of the spark said Oh.
 5. Socket shell material fire performance is also very important, according to the national standard at least 750 ℃ ​​self-extinguishing flame retardant. Test methods Well ... ... with the lighter burned patch panel shell about 30 seconds after the removal of the flame, if not burning, or after burning in about 30 seconds self-extinguishing, indicating that the material has a flame retardant. The shorter the self-extinguishing time, the better the flame retardant effect. Can not be self-extinguishing within the prescribed time, or even more intense combustion, indicating that the material does not have flame retardant properties. General big brand or credible, no need to fire their own measured.
 6. Do not be too concerned about the USB charging function ... buy a USB charger how much money? On the plug-in board at least the price plus dozens of other USB there must be a high-frequency circuit.
7. Now can buy the basic new national standard jack, hole smaller than the original, more secure, but the wild to be slightly less compatible, there are special needs to buy the old national standard.
The old national standard: will be marked according to GB2099.3-1997 standard production, three holes, the common national standard jack universal better, but the jack is easy to be misunderstood by children, good versatility, the shrapnel is also easy to be expanded, Lead to increased contact resistance to increase security risks.
The new national standard: will be marked according to GB2099.3-2008 standard production, five holes, the new national standard more secure, but at the expense of some compatible with foreign or other shaped plug the ability.
Plug-in board to buy tips say so much, in the end how to buy plug it?
 1. Buy with anti-overload capability, switch the quality of the plug-in board, the need for lightning protection function, please refer to the summary of the part.
2. According to the demand to buy patch panels, low-power electrical appliances generally do not need to buy a special expensive plug-in board, select a major brand of ordinary plug-in board. High-power electrical appliances, need to buy the internal copper strip connected to the board.
 3. If the electrical power quality requirements are very good, it is recommended to buy a UPS, or other professional anti-surge equipment, rather than the money invested in the patch panel.
4. Do not ignore some of the details, such as jack spacing is very important, the number of sub-control switch.
5. Select the big brands, their design and workmanship is often more reliable, the other with its advertising how boast, it is better to see if its plug-in board has been certified.

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