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Plug your home, is not the change?

2017-12-28 14:34:55

Plug the new national standards on April 14 will be officially implemented. The new standard not only increases the requirements for setting the protective door, but also increases the wire conductor cross-sectional area against existing safety hazards. However, consumers need to be reminded that although the new national standard of the patch panels will be formally implemented on April 14, the transition period for the old products will expire on October 13, 2018.

What new national standard changes?

Set protection door to prevent children from touching by mistake

Plug-in board in our lives more than normal, it gives us the convenience of electricity at the same time, the accident caused by substandard products is also shocking. Yangzi Evening News reporter learned that, in order to better protect the personal and property safety of consumers, plug-in board new national standards will be April 14 formally implemented. Jiangsu Provincial Quality Inspection Institute of Electrical Products Xu Xiaonang, deputy director of the inspection center, said in an interview that the biggest change in the new standard is to increase the requirements set the protection door.

Patch panels are widely used and easily accessible to children in use, while curious children may touch the patch panel jacks with small metal objects such as keys, resulting in a risk of electric shock. Therefore, the new standard adds settings Protection of the door requirements. The protection door is a stop plate located in the socket socket. It must be able to prevent unipolar insertion. Only two or three holes can be inserted into the socket at a certain strength to contact the live parts.

Wire thicker, improve socket bearing capacity

The conductor cross-sectional area of ​​the wire is closely related to the safety of the product. From the analysis of the existing safety accidents, the conductor cross-sectional area of ​​the wire equipped with the patch wire is too small, which is the main cause of the accident. In order to improve the carrying capacity of the plug-in board, effectively reducing the safety accidents caused by the electrical overload of the plug-in board products, the new national standard of the plug-board conductor cross-sectional area has been improved. Rated current 10A of the patch panel, you need to connect the conductor minimum cross-sectional area of ​​1.0mm2 wire; rated current of 16A patch panels, the conductor needs to be connected to a minimum cross-sectional area of ​​1.5mm2 wire. By increasing the conductor area of ​​the distribution cable, the carrying capacity of the patch panel will be greatly increased, and the safety accidents caused by the overload of the electric appliance may be effectively reduced.

30 seconds can not afford to fire, improve fire resistance

The socket may open fire during normal use. For example, the socket may be ignited when the plug is plugged or unplugged. In addition, the outside sources of fire may also ignite the plug-in board. In order to avoid the occurrence of a fire accident and improve the flame retardant performance of the insulation material of the plug-in board, the new national standard adds a needle flame test item with a burning duration of 30 seconds to the insulation material of the plug-in board, and requires that the flame of the needle flame contact the socket for 30 seconds After the clock can not afford to burn, or automatically extinguished after 30 seconds, improve the flame retardant properties of insulating materials.

It is learned that the new standard will be implemented on April 14, the transition period of the old products will be until October 13, 2018, that is produced before April 14, 2017 and the original national standard products, allowing sales to October 2018 13 day.

This "universal hole" socket do not use!


Interview reporter found that some of the family's plug-in board or old-fashioned "universal hole" socket, that is, three jacks can simultaneously meet the bipolar or three-pole plug needs. Need to remind consumers that, "Universal Hole" socket used quite convenient, but the national standard has long been clearly prohibited production.

Xu Xiaonang said that although the "universal hole" socket is easy to use, but such socket due to larger jacks, socket connector and electrical contact area is too small, it is easy to contact the overheating of the fire led to the occurrence of the accident. In addition, because "universal hole" socket can match a variety of plugs, the socket reed subject to a variety of different shapes, different specifications of the plug may be damaged after deformation, to the household electricity safety Hidden trouble.

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