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    Reasons for Damage to Winter Wire and Cable and Preventive Measures

    Winter cold, many construction workers in the laying of wire and cable installation time will find that usually good quality wire and cable products, often there are some hair line hardening, insulation jacket off loss and so on, many construction workers think it is the wire and cable products themselves Appeared the quality question, but the cable manufacturer also insisted that the product has been tested at the factory, is a qualified product, often leads to misunderstanding between the two parties.

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    Teach you how to buy socket patch panel

    See the plug power cord, plug and power cord plug should be integrated, rather than disassembly. Bolt plug plug plug stability and plug insulation than integrated plugs are low.

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    Plug your home, is not the change?

    Plug the new national standards on April 14 will be officially implemented. The new standard not only increases the requirements for setting the protective door, but also increases the wire conductor cross-sectional area against existing safety hazards.

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